Friday, February 1, 2008

Signed, Sealed, Delivered. (Just about)


Breathe deeply, throw the "Freddie Coupons" BS out the window, and look forward to watching Johan Santana make Larry Jones, Jeff Francoeur, Tex, Ryan Howard, J-Roll, Utley and Pat the Bat look like lost children for the lion's share of the next decade.

For 151 million dollars over 7 years. Obviously it's not our money, and I kinda get a kick out of having the highest paid pitcher in MLB history on the Mets. Makes you feel like a real somebody, you know?

I don't have much more to say today, after spending the last 48 hours browsing and refreshing from Metsblog to ESPN to MLBTradeRumors right back to Metsblog, and everything in between.

And I knew the whole time exactly what would happen: This.

But it's still very sweet. We got an ace. An ace to end all aces.

Of course this would all happen 2 days before Super Bowl Sunday, making us wait for an official announcement until probably Tuesday, although I was surprised to see that Johan will be having a physical tomorrow, rather than Monday.

Otherwise, Pedro Feliciano, or Petey Fleece as I affectionately call him, has been re-upped for a little over a million bucks for this coming season. Poor Pedro, jeez. Just a mil?

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