Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mound KO's Lidge in 1; Duque Brings Bunions to Camp


The injury bugs are buzzing already. Apparently Brad Lidge has more to contend with than the small ballpark already. He may have trouble getting through a full season as Philly's closer when one pitch is more than he can handle from the get-go. Initial word is that the injury is minor, but we're talking about the same knee that the brittle closer had surgery on just a few months back. This is certainly not a good sign for the big offseason acquisition in Philadelphia. Darn...

EDIT: So the injury, as I initially suspected, wasn't so minor after all. Lidge will now have surgery in the knee, and is expected to be out for 3-6 weeks. The assumption is that he will not be ready for Opening Day.

A lot of Met fans seem disappointed by this, missing the opportunity to come out swinging against an unabridged Phillies roster, but my point of view is that this is what they had coming to 'em. You know what you're stepping in to with Brad Lidge, just like we know from Moises Alou or El Duque. If we take the field at the Cit some time this year and there's no Utley, Rollins or Howard on the other side, then we're playing a Phillies team with a short deck, but I fully expected Lidge to go down the moment they traded for him. To be clear, I expected it before the trade, my point is that the deal never concerned me, I have never seen it as an impact move; if it isn't his head it's his knee, or vice versa.

Similarly, Mike Pelfrey's bid at the 5th spot may be coming early, as El Duque, who nearly ran me over on my way out of Shea one night last year, is experiencing some discomfort with what else? A bunion. Ho, hum. I don't mind it all that much; I was impressed with Pelfrey late last year, and with the depth and talent the rest of the rotation brings, why not see how much of that upside the Big Pelf can reach?

Found this article over at the Boston Globe website. Sad to see Julie Donaldson go, I'll miss the "soft hands, smooth plays" bit on the jumbotron...

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