Monday, February 4, 2008


WOW. The New York Football Giants have won the Super Bowl.

No it's not baseball, but this one warrants a quick post.

When I was 8 years old, I watched the Giants play in their first postseason game of my fully conscious lifetime (having been 1 in 1986 and 5 in 1990). I got crazed with excitement as they beat the Minnesota Vikings in the wild card round in a tight one, 17-10, only to watch the 49ers trounce them, 44-3 in the next round. From there on it was further heartbreak, from futile early playoff exits, to losing teams with quarterback controversies featuring Dave Brown and Kent Graham, to the ugliest Super Bowl I've ever seen (a Ravens trouncing, witnessed live by my father and I in Tampa) to this, in the most unlikely of all years. And this time again my dad sat next to me, holding my young son in his arms.

In the first three weeks of the child's life, an unlikely playoff run has occured, the Mets have acquired the best pitcher of our generation, and the Giants have won the Super Bowl. Someone gets ice cream once he's old enough to eat it.

And don't count me in as one of these Patriot haters. As always, after my initial NY allegiance from my father and my birthplace, my grandfather has shared his love of Boston teams with me, so I fully respect these Patriots, have always loved that team, and am proud our Giants beat them.

This is especially fulfilling as I have been an Eli supporter through thick and thin. Eli Manning has arrived, looking like a young Favre against all odds last night.

Now how bout these '08 Mets get out there and upstage the G-men this October...

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