Monday, October 1, 2007

Rock n' Roll All Night

I had to put my 2 cents in on this one.

What a ballgame at Coors tonight. The Alpha and Omega of the Padres pitching staff both continued to prove that while they put up stellar numbers, neither is worth more than a Tom Glavine in a big spot. Peavy was leaving everything up, giving up 3 runs in the 1st and 6 overall in 6 1/3 IP (He did help his own cause by grounding a base hit up the middle to start a rally that led to an Adrian Gonzalez grand slam). Despite having a 'pen that led the NL in ERA, Bud Black chose to stick with Peavy despite the early runs, and he might want that one back. Padres relief was untouchable from the moment Peavy left until Trevor Hoffman came in, and as usual in a clutch situation let his adrenaline leave his changeup up, and accelerate it to a slow, flat fastball. It takes quite the odd composition to notch 524 career saves, yet constantly cough it up when it matters.

Mike Cameron's early absence from the Padre outfield had a real effect on the game, as Brady Clark failed to make two catches on what ended up being doubles off the wall that let the Rox back in it.

Otherwise, the game really couldn't have lived up to the billing any better, right down to the announcing. Don Orsillo (Red Sox TV Broadcaster) is a fantastic play-by-play man, a pleasant surprise when I was expecting the Braves crew on TBS.

The lead shifted 6-7 times, and we got it all. In the top of the 13th, Scott Hairston hit a 2-run shot off our old friend Jorge Julio, who as usual was overthrowing like a maniac. The way the crowd died in Colorado after that was stunning, and you had to think the game was over and done with, but Trevor had
nothing. Who led the bottom of the 13th off with an absolutely roped double to right-center? Kazuo Matsui himself. I have to admit I'm happy for him. Troy Tulowitzki, another in the ever-growing class of elite young shortstops, immediately followed with a double to left-center, and then Matt Holliday (my sentimental MVP vote, anbody but Rollins) tripled off the wall to tie it. The next batter Jamey Carroll lined out to right field, and Michael Barrett actually blocked the plate despite losing the ball, apparently never allowing Matt Holliday to score on the play, though Tim McClelland called him safe. Holliday lay clenched on the ground after the play, having gotten his chin stepped on and banged up, thereby not touching the plate. Despite what I saw as a blown call, you have to assume the Rockies had a good shot of plating another run, and they certainly earned this one.

Phils-Rox will be very compelling. The two hottest teams down the stretch with explosive offenses in two bandboxes. It's like a 5-game football series. Let's Go Rockies. I like their spirit.

What a game.

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