Monday, October 1, 2007

ESPN: Schoeneweis Received Steroids

ESPN is reporting that during his tenure with the ChiSox from '03-'04, Scott Schoeneweis received shipments of Testosterone and Stanozolol. Here's the link:

So that's why he suddenly became so ineffective, even with the AL to NL switch. Maybe Show saw the swoon coming, and preemptively picked up old habits in the summer. He did get a lot better later on...

Jeez, the news for this team just keeps getting better, huh?

EDIT: Initially, the Big Show has vehemently denied any knowledge of these shipments, and has claimed that he never live at the address where the steroids were allegedly sent to him. The MLBPA has kinda brought upon itself our skepticism of such denials, but I suppose you have to wait and see it proven...

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