Monday, January 14, 2008

One More Met Fan in the World

Last Friday, January 11th, at 12:24pm, my wife and I welcomed our first child, James (III), to the world. That's him with his dad up above. He was born in Manhattan and has now come home with us to Brooklyn. I'll tell you that everything they say about having a kid is 100% true and there's really no way to put in to words how we both feel about this little guy, and how intense the whole experience is.

Haven't decided yet when he'll see his first game at Shea (Or Citi), but I hope soon, because judging from this weekend's football results the kid has good sports mojo.

I actually held his hand for good luck when the Cowboys had 4th and 11 at the end of yesterday's game, and lo and behold the ball was picked off and Big Blue pulled off the major upset in Big D.

Things have remained pretty quiet on the baseball front, aside from Hank Steinbrenner's daily flip-flopping. I'm starting to think Hank might be the James Dolan to George Steinbrenner's Charles Dolan, which is a good thing if you want to see the Yanks go downhill.

A friend of mine came up with a nice little acronym for the Steinbrenner bunch: HGH, for Hank, George and Hal.

At any rate, whatever rumblings have been bouncing around from Hank to Omar to the Minnesota Star-Tribune have been increasingly encouraging, and maybe, just maybe, we could walk away with Johan without even losing both Gomez and F-Mart. My stance has always been that if it took them both to get it done, by all means do it, but if you don't have to, even better.

I have a feeling this next 7-10 days could get a lot more interesting.

It's real far away from now and all, but just in case anyone was worried, whenever Jose Reyes does decide to retire in 20 or so years, I got a tip on this little kid down in Brooklyn that's supposed to develop into a real good shortstop by about 2027...

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